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UDS UK is a place where dancers of all ages and abilities, from all over the UK and the world, can come to take part in our professionally run dance competitions. Our staff members and judges are all professionals working in the performing arts, dance and education fields and provide quality adjudication for all of our dancers. Our dancers are awarded for their exceptional performances and never-ending talent with loads of prizes, special awards and Titles of Mr. and Miss. Ultimate Dance Showcase. Above all else, UDS UK strives to provide quality dance events where students can gain performance experience, meet other dancers, be challenged, and most importantly, have fun! We are so excited, and can’t wait to see you soon

Upcoming Events

  1. Kent, February 2019

    February 21 - February 23
  2. MOVE IT 2019

    March 8 @ 7:00 am - March 10 @ 7:00 pm
  3. Chesham, May 2019

    May 25 - May 26
  4. Liverpool 2019

    June 22 - June 23

    July 27 - July 28
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Please review all of the Ultimate Dance Showcase Rules and Regulations before registering your dancers. We’ve tried to cover all of the details, but if you need further information, please contact us at info@udsuk.co.uk or 07828 676 999.


Solo : 1 performer

Duet/Trio : 2-3 performers

Small Group : 4-9 performers

Large Group : 10-19 performers

Production : 20+ performers


Acro: Routine that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.

Ballet : Routine that includes classical ballet steps and technique. Ballet slippers only.

Contemporary : Routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements.

Lyrical: A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music with lyrics to inspire movements to express emotions.

Hip-Hop : Routine that includes street dance styles performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.

Jazz : Routine that consists of primarily jazz technique.

Musical Theatre : Routine that features any style of dance that interprets a song from a Broadway Show or Movie Musical (backing vocals permitted, but microphones may be limited).

Open : Routines in this category can either be a combination of multiple genres or ones that may not fall into any other dance division.

Pointe : Routine must include classical ballet pointe technique. Pointe shoes only.

Tap : Routine must include tap technique and primarily tap work. Please no pre-recorded tap sounds in music.

Vocal: Vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be pre-recorded. (No lead vocals may be recorded; only backup vocals will be permitted). Microphone will be provided.


Novice :  Routines in this level are for beginning dancers ONLY who have little or no experience competing. Dancers may only be considered ‘novice’ dancers for a maximum of 2 years. Entries will be adjudicated, and will receive Overall Placements within this level. This division is not eligible for Title Awards and will only be placed in Overall Placements against other novice level routines.

Competitive : Routines in this level are for experienced dancers or those who do not wish to enter into the novice level. All competitive solo entries are eligible to compete in the Title Division. Competitive routines will only be placed in Overall Placements against other competitive level routines.


Mini : ages 8 and under

Junior : ages 9-11

Teen : ages 12-14

Senior : ages 15-19

Adult : Age 20+


A £5 entry fee is required to enter for a chance to win Title. All Title entries will be judged during the performance of their chosen routine during the competition. Title Awards will be given out during the award ceremony in which that solo routine was performed. Please be advised, only one Title entry per dancer is allowed (this means if you have more than one solo, you can only enter one for Title).

Only dance solo entries are eligible for Title. No vocal solo entries.

Dancers are eligible to win Title at more than one regional competition; however, this must be with a different routine. For example, if you enter with Solo A at Birmingham, you cannot enter with Solo A at Kent.

*If there is only one routine that is entered for Title in an age division, the routine must score at least 285 points out of 300 in order to receive the Title.*

Mini Miss/Mr. Ultimate Dance Showcase (ages 8 and under)

Junior Miss/Mr. Ultimate Dance Showcase (ages 9-11)

Teen Miss/Mr. Ultimate Dance Showcase (ages 12-14)

Senior Miss/Mr. Ultimate Dance Showcase (ages 15-19)



Solos : 2:00 minutes

Duo/Trio : 2:45 minutes

Small Group : 3:00 minutes

Large Group : 4:00 minutes

Production : 5:00 minutes


Contestants are required to email their own music as an mp3 or m4a format to info@udsuk.co.uk AT LEAST 10 days before the event. We strongly suggest that you also bring a backup on a CD or iPod device in case of a technical issue.

Please label your music and send in the following format:

Song: The name of your routine

Artist: The name of your studio/school


General Division Fee Time Limit Extras
Solo (1 performer) £32 per person 2:00 minutes Title Competition: £5
Duet/Trio (2-3 performers) £45 per routine 2:45 minutes  
Small Group (4-9 performers) £10 per person 3:00 minutes  
Large Group (10-19 performers) £8 per person 4:00 minutes  
Production (20+ performers) £8 per person 5:00 minutes  


Score out of 300 total points

Each judge can award up to 100 points

290-300 points : Ultimate Platinum

286-289 points : Ultimate High Gold

280-285 points : Ultimate Gold

276-279 points : Ultimate High Silver

270-275 points : Ultimate Silver

269 points and below : Ultimate Bronze

Individual Judges Scoring out of 100 points:

25 points : Performance

Overall performance of the dancers. Including facial expressions, connection with the music/story, connection with the audience/judges, connection with other performers on stage.

25 points : Choreography

Formations are interesting/clear, includes different levels and variation, choreography is appropriate for all dancers based on age and experience.

25 points : Technique

The level of technical proficiency for the specific dance category.

25 points : Music

The music adheres to the time limit requirements for the entry type. Music is appropriate for the age of the performers and contains no explicit content.

Additional Awards

High Scores : High scores will be awarded for each age/dance category (ie. Top Teen Contemporary Solo Novice). 

Overall High Scores : Overall high scores will be awarded. This will be the highest scoring routines of that segment including all age/dance categories in both novice and competitive levels. (ie. Top Teen Solo Novice)

Judge’s Awards : Judge’s awards are given out during each award ceremony and are created by the judge’s, for a routine of their choice.

Choreography Awards : Choreography awards are given out during each award ceremony and are presented to the choreographers from the judges.

Ultimate Showdown Invitation: The top 5 highest scoring routines in both the novice and competitive level from each Regional Competition will be invited to compete in the Ultimate Showdown at our National Competition. These routines will compete at Nationals for the Ultimate Grand Prize!